Lara Braitstein

Associate Professor, Indo-Tibetan Buddhism

Lara Braitstein is Associate Professor of Indo-Tibetan Buddhism in the Faculty of Religious Studies. She teaches courses on Classical Literary Tibetan, Mahayana Buddhism, Vajrayana Buddhism and Tibetan Buddhism. Her principal areas of research include esoteric traditions of Tibetan and Indian Buddhism, Classical Tibetan literature, and Buddhist Sanskrit literature. Her work has appeared in the Indian International Journal of Buddhist Studies, Studies in Religion, and Consciousness, Literature and the Arts.


Tibetan and South Asian Buddhism, Poetics, Hagiography, Siddha Traditions.


  • RELG 264 Introductory Tibetan
  • RELG 342 Theravada Buddhist Literature
  • RELG 344 Mahayana Buddhism
  • RELG 369 Tibetan Buddhism
  • RELG 453 Vajrayana Buddhism
  • RELG 464 Advanced Tibetan
  • RELG 558 Indian Tantric Traditions: Buddhism
  • RELG 560 Buddhist Poetry



  • The Path to Awakening, translated and edited by Lara Braitstein (Motilal Banarsidass 2009)

Current Projects

  • Saraha's Adamantine Songs: a translation and analysis of Saraha's vajra gītikā
  • Recovering the Red Crown: a study of the 10th Shamarpa Chodrup Gyatso (SSHRC funded)

Upcoming Events

Language Policy and Practice in Tibet: Concept, Experience and Challenges for the Future

Montreal, QC, Canada

May 19-23, 2012